Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Smartphone Apps for Boaters (26)

No matter which genre of smartphone you own or are thinking to buy. The apps that are available will have an influence on how happy you are with the phone. There are plenty of top quality apps that you can download. However for me There's always a remarkable sub-selection of apps that are totally free.
The wonderfully named 'Android' phone seems to have cornered the market in the same way that VHS did with tape systems. Android's open source strategy is the main factor for its success. Being a free platform has expanded the Android device install base, which in turn has driven growth in the number of third party multi-platform and mobile operator apps available.
Here is a bit more on preserving you smartphone battery.

Have you got either  Wi-Fi or GPS enabled?  

One of the biggest issues with any smartphone Wi-Fi or GPS applications is their reputation for being battery hogs.  When Wi-Fi or GPS is turned on your mobile phone is always going to be trying to connect to a network. It's one of those simple solutions, if you don't need it, just disable the feature.

Scanning for an open Wi-Fi service is one of the most battery-intensive tasks that your phone performs. There was a time when using
Wi-Fi could save you money on calls. For instance using Wi-Fi to route expensive calls over VOIP. With many of the 1000 free call minutes  packages available. It's not an option that is used as frequently. However if you are going to be downloading data onto your phone its still often faster than 3G and there is no worry about contract data caps. 

The modern mobile phone is truly a very smart phone. You can read eBooks, it's also a watch, you can listen to radio broadcasts, or take a few photographs. But it does not end there, you can also record video, you can record sound. With the plethora of applications available the smartphone is also a computer that can surf the web and with the magic of GPS map your location anywhere in the world. Last but not least you can send a text message as well as make the occasional phone call.

Running a GPS on a smartphone requires 3G or 4G to be active the entire time, which also drains the phone battery rather quickly. However, GPS navigation with a smartphone can be hindered by the physical features of a phone, such as smaller screens, limited volume control and short battery life. I sometimes use the phone GPS when in the car. However, while driving, it is almost a necessity to have my smartphone plugged into a car charger for navigating anything more than a short trip.

GPS, or global positioning satellite, is a satellite-based navigation system used to give exact location and time information anywhere on Earth. The system is accessible, free of charge, to anyone with a GPS receiver. A standalone GPS unit is better when compared to smartphone navigation apps. It gives more control over the navigation experience. Navigation is available in remote areas where cell phone data service may not reach. A standalone GPS often proves to be more accurate than many of the navigation applications available on smartphones.

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  1. I own an iPhone 3GS running it's most up to date operating system for that model, iOS 6, which in itself has inherent issues relating to battery life when used with that phone. However, I also have a tablet that runs Android 2.1 and a smart TV dongle that runs the later Android Jellybean operating system. The issue I have found with the Android equipment, (other than the quirkiness of their operation), is that due to the open source nature of the availability of their apps, there is also much incompatibility built in, where some apps work on one platform, but not on the other etc. The tablet, running the older OS, is not even capable of connecting itself to the Google app store, so many of those which could be useful, can't be accessed full stop. Most frustrating! At least with Apple's 'closed shop' strategy, you can be fairly certain that what is available will work, (within reasonable time limits relating to the age of equipment), and more importantly, will be safe to use.


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