WCP Award

World Championship Pessimist Award.

The Australians have a name for people going to live in their wonderful country. The Aussies refer to us as whinging poms. Because whinging poms are generally a person of British origin who will consistently complain about any situation that they may face. They are emotionally unable to deal with any sort of adverse condition without commenting negatively about it at great length.
Now, I'm not talking about someone who is making a complaint and standing up for their rights when something goes wrong. I am talking about the eternal pessimist. A mega pessimist. A world class pessimist who is a convert from the nouveau optimism we all have at birth. Who then developed throughout life into a mega pessimist of epic proportions.
Sometimes I read a blog or a message on a forum and then feel utterly deflated by the rampant pessimistic content. Its the very same people every time. I suppose I could comment on the blog or reply to the message on the forum. However, that would only add to fuel to the already white heat of pessimism radiating from these people.

I have touched upon this subject before in a couple of previous postings. Here is some background reading (October 2010) and a bit more can be found here. (May 2010) Not forgetting this as well (May 2011)

Then I came across a Paul Harvey quotation "I've never seen a monument erected for a pessimist." It was then that I realised that there was all this angst eating away at their insides. Angst which was being combined with their inconsequential, dull and boring lifestyle. That theirs was a life that felt it was not being acknowledged by society. So, I thought that highlighting their on-line persona might be a way to pseudo celebrate their creed. And that this could be done without the rest of us losing the will to live.

Then it came to me in an exceedingly optimistic moment that I should create an award for World Champion Pessimists. So now its up to others who frequent the various blogs and forums to bring to the attention of the Championship Winning Pessimist, the place to come to find their rightful reward. An award for all the anguish, bitterness, chagrin, despondency, dejection, foreboding, gloom, horror, morbidity, oppression, sadness, vexation and woe that fills their life.

So next time you come across a regular pessimist, don't take them to task, point them here to this posting. So that they can get a gentle hint about their contributions and their worth.

If you have been referred to this posting its because someone has some important information that they want to share with you. They feel that you should be made aware of the esteem in which you are held. And that they feel that the World Champion Pessimist Award is the only fitting acknowledgement for the significant contribution you have made.

Citation: You have been given this award as a moron who habitually sees or anticipates only the worst in everything. A loser who is disposed to be dire and gloomy. As an ignoramus, you are someone who advocates the doctrine of total pessimism in all things. A imbecile who looks only at the dark side of life. An idiot who makes difficulties out of all opportunities. The cretin who, when they have the choice of the lesser of two evils, chooses them both.

You are not alone, you have friends throughout the world.

Afrikaans: pessimis Arabic: الشَّخص المُتَشائِم Bulgarian: песимист
Breton: pessimista Czech: pesimista German: der/die Pessimist(in)
Danish: pessimist Greek: απαισιόδοξος Spanish: pesimista
Estonian: pessimist Farsi: آدم بدبین Finnish: pessimisti
French: pessimiste Hebrew: פֶּסִימִי Hindi: निराशावादी
Croatian: pesimist Hungarian: pesszimista Indonesian: pesimis
Icelandic: svartsÿnismaður Italian: pessimista Japanese: 悲観主義者
Korean: 비관주의자 Lithuanian: pesimistas Latvian: pesimists
Malay: orang yg pesimis Dutch: pessimist Norwegian: pessimist
Polish: pesymista Persian: آدم بدبین Pashto: بدبين ، نااميد
Portuguese: pessimista Romanian: pesimist Russian: пессимист
Slovak: pesimista, -ka Slovenian: pesimist Serbian: pesimista
Swedish: pessimist Thai: คนที่มองโลกในแง่ร้าย Turkish: kötümser
Taiwanese: 悲觀主義者 Ukrainian: песиміст Urdu: قنوطي، مايوس
Vietnamese: người bi quan Chinese: 悲观主义者

Caveat: In the long run, the World Champion Class pessimist may one day be proven right. This however could not happen until all other possible alternatives have been explored and then only in combination with hell freezing over.