Saturday 9 April 2016

Coincidence or karma

I suppose I am as guilty as anyone for laughing at someone who trips or stumbles. Just as long as they don't hurt themselves and the only thing bruised is their pride. Today it was deemed to be my long awaited turn again! The Memsahib had been doing the washing in the machine on the boat. I think she does all this washing just to give herself something to do. 

As always happens, the water pump starts to splutter indicating that the fresh tank was nearing empty. So we turned around, and dropped back down through the bottom lock at Hillmorton and onto the water point. I had the Memsahib hanging onto the centre line while I tied up the stern. The wind was blowing the boat off the bank and the Memsahib was starting to lose the battle. Like all good skippers I came to her rescue.

She has looped the rope looped through a ring. I reached for the rope. Which just as I got a good grip of it, suddenly went slack. I was teetering on the edge. When a couple of hands gave me what felt like a gentle push. Though she says she was trying to stop me from falling in!

The water was surprisingly warm and deep. So I stripped off to the waist and like all good skippers secured the boat. Thanks go to a family of hire boaters who helped me out of the water. Apologies go to a young lady on a passing boat who was confronted by me in my budgie smugglers. 

Its been six years since I last went for a look under the boat, which was at Sprotborough lock. However, afterwards I remembered the last time the Memsahib fell in was just a few yards away at Hillmorton bottom lock.

Coincidence or karma?

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