Thursday 17 December 2015

Come on you Reds.

There is some truth in saying that politics like football, is a funny old game. The similarities however don't end there. Parliament has gained itself a reputation of acting like a tribal football crowd with each side booing and jeering being judged by the referee/speaker as being acceptable. Whilst dignified applause in parliament is frowned upon and seen as being totally unacceptable.

I was right it is a funny old game.

But are the rules changing?

I would say, yes a change is taking place and its being quietly pursued by Jeremy Corbyn. It is for a less tribal form of political discussion and debate. Its for honest and deep searching questions being asked. Questions which challenge the other side of the benches to answer, equally honestly. The questions are being asked in a quiet and dignified manner and the public love it. This is the rather refreshing 'Corbyn Style' of politics. There are two very significant things happening – its sparked a deep interest in the public. They now watch PMQ's and see a great deal of wriggling and the replies given in a strident, uncomfortable voice. The manager of the blues is seemingly failing and unable to provide even a honest 'I don't know' answer.

Take the general public as an example. The electorate fall into two groups. Those who enjoy football/politics and those who dislike football/politics. There is the stalwart fan who will support his or her team of choice through thick and thin. Home or away they are devoted, even if their team of choice can only field a lack lustre side. You will find them on the sidelines shouting and chanting 'come on you blues'. In the forlorn hope that by some miracle, they will not be relegated at the end of the season/parliament. There are also the part time supporters/voters, who only turn up at the ground, for home matches and only when the team of choice is on a good run. In this case the team are only scoring home goals.

The latest attraction is the referendum, which like Chilcott report may or may not be delivered next week, next month, next year or even in this parliament.

But going back to the football metaphor. The current club manager is scouring Europe to find a few crumbs of comfort to try to stave off the inevitable crash and burn for his team. However, the various Sepp Blatter-ites and his team are otherwise engaged protecting their own arse.

Meanwhile, back at the ground the home and away team supporters are already questioning the managers competence. The youth team has gone into meltdown as bullying is running rampant. In a face-saving event, it has already been revealed by the lame duck manager. That his contract is going to be terminated before the end of the season. It's expected that he will retire and take up pig farming. The back room coaching staff are already, sharpening their knives and putting a house brick their handbag. All are jockeying for position in the background, for the caretaker managers role.

Across the other side of town, the 'reds' are busy rebuilding their team. They started with finding a new track suit wearing manager. He has already won the hearts of the supporters. The number of supporters on the terraces have grown and continue to grow by the day. The youth team in the academy also continues to grow and the academy is already nurturing those with real potential. Now, he has to evaluate the players. Some will have to improve their game or forever play in the reserves team. Some players will inevitably have to go as their careers come to an end. Some players like their illustrious father before them, have come to play in the team. But it looks from their playing style, like they would be better off playing for the blues. Others who don't like the new coach manager or who don't have the team in their heart will have to be sacked.

The supporters club have gained significant momentum. Like all supporters clubs, they want to pass on their collective knowledge and ideas to the new manager. Like a good manager he is listening. Keeping his powder dry, taking on board and quietly evaluating what is being said.

There is one rule in politics and it is also applicable to football. Its a team game and there is no room for the self serving Prima Donna. I have no doubt that if the manager feels the need to replace players who are under performing – the supporters on the terrace will back him all the way. There is a great deal of truth in saying - football like politics, is a funny old game.

Come on you 'REDS'