Saturday 14 May 2016

French Letter (3)

A Road Less Travelled
'A French Letter'
(continued III)


14th May 2016

Our arrival in Rouen, had unwittingly coincided with a French 'bank holiday' and so we decided after a short stay, to continue our journey out of the city. On our list of places to visit was Jumi├Ęges and its world famous abbey. This was programmed into the sat-nav and would mean crossing the Seine first by bridge, then crossing back again later by ferry.

Because the lower reaches of the river Seine meanders a great deal, there are large areas of land only accessible via ferry. However, the French ferries that cross the River Seine are usually free of charge. Pity its not the same between Calais and Dover! But I digress. 


If you are wondering what ''Aires'' are and there are about 3,000 scattered around France. These are plots of land, usually provided by the local town council with various services made available for Mobile homes (what the French call camping-cars). Often there are grass or hard standings, toilets, showers, rubbish disposal, fresh (Potable) water, Elsan disposal, and even electrical power. Its a bit pick and mix, but there are smartphone applications that give an indication of what services are available at the various sites. Some farmers also have their own ''Aires'' with similar facilities available. Many of the municipal ''Aires'' which provide just a minimal over night parking services are free of charge to use. Though some 'Aires' will provide all services including electrical power, free of charge. The idea is that if you use an 'Aires' – you will use the local shops and stores. I love to get my fresh French bread, still warm from the oven.

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