Thursday 14 March 2013

Record breaker?

It has certainly been long life for Wadsworth who is claimed by the Metro Newspaper as being the world’s oldest cat after turning 27 – or 125 in human years. The cat, known as Waddy, didn’t have the best start after being born the runt of the litter and was even thrown out by his owners. His life began to turn around when he was adopted by 66-year-old Ann Munday in Ravensden, Bedfordshire when he was just four weeks old. ‘I’ve always had cats, but he is an absolute dream and he has been a fantastic companion since my husband died 13 years ago,’ she explained. ‘He was a tiny and very poorly little thing so it’s a miracle he has survived.’ Waddy has been treated by the same vet ever since meaning he has records to prove his age. ‘He doesn't have any back claws so he is a house cat, but can go for a run in the garden,’ Ms Munday added. ‘Now he is like a little old man and mainly sleeps and eats. He has some ailments but he still gets up on my bed and the table.’

A year ago, we lost our old cat - he was a few weeks short of his 30th birthday. We never realised that he was a record breaker. He was collected from a litter of steel works cats in Sheffield in 1982. I picked him up during the Easter break. He was the smallest cat in the litter, but unlike the others. He was fearless and pushed past my hands to get to the food. (It was at a time when the steel works were closed down for the long weekend holiday. I used to go and feed the cats when the workforce was on holiday.) As he only ever visited the vet once in his life it would have been hard to actually prove his age. I was always of the impression that a few cats lived on into their 30's so I never thought the old boy was exceptional - other than the way any owner thinks their pet is exceptional. I put down his longevity to the fact that he would not roam outside of the garden and we lived at the end of a cul-de-sac, so there was very little traffic. 

I still think about him most days....


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