Monday, 27 June 2011

My Timeline.

This century opened with some amazing feats like the first flight by the Wright brothers, Henry Ford's first Model-T and Einstein's Theory of Relativity.  World War II was already underway by the time the 1940s began and it was definitely the big event of the first half of the decade. The Germans launched first true rocket. America exploded first atomic bomb. When World War II ended, the Cold War began. My timeline has many things of significance to me included in it.  Political, electronic, astronomical, recreational, sporting and many more.

What would you add to your timeline?

My timeline starts in June 1947.

1947 Mick was born.
         Transistor invented.
         India declared Independent.
         Coal industry Nationalised.
         Chuck Yeager breaks the Sound Barrier
         Dead Sea Scrolls Discovered
1948 Gandhi is assassinated.
         Creation of the British Transport Commission.
         Inland Waterways Nationalised.
         Olympic Games at Wembley.
         Israel-Arab conflict.
         Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
         NHS formed.
         Apartheid arrives in South Africa.
1949 Mao Tse Tung declares the Communist People's Republic of China.
         First Non-Stop Flight Around the World
1950-1953 Korean War
1950 First Organ Transplant.
         Space Race between the United States and the Soviet Union began.
         Timothy Evans last innocent man hanged - granted posthumous pardon.
1951 Festival of Britain.
1952 First Integrated Circuit created.
         Elizabeth II crowned.
         Polio Vaccine Created.
1953 DNA double helix discovered.
1954 Hydrogen bomb exploded at Bikini Atoll.
         Roger Bannister Breaks the Four-Minute Mile
1955 Fibre optics invented.
         Rosa Parks Refuses to Give Up Her Seat on a bus.
         Ruth Ellis last woman to hang.
1956 First Nuclear power station.
         Suez Crisis.
         TV Controller Invented.
1957 Mick met Mags for the first time.
         Sputnik I becomes the first man-made satellite.
         Hydrogen bomb test.
         EEC European Economic Community Established.
         My first trip on a working canal barge.
1958 First motorway, the Preston bypass.
         Hula Hoops become a popular craze.
1959 Great Britain starts using postal codes.
         Castro becomes Cuban Dictator.
1960 Lasers Invented.
1961-1975 Vietnam War.
1961 Yuri Gargarin becomes the first human in space.
         Berlin wall built.
1962 Marilyn Monroe found dead.
1963 President Kennedy is assassinated.
         Martin Luther King makes his "I Have a Dream" speech.
         British Waterways Board created.
         Canals transferred to BWB.
         My First motorycyle
1964 Nelson Mandela sentenced to Life in Prison.
         Cassius Clay becomes world boxing champion.
         Peter Anthony Allen and Gwynne Owen Evans the last men to be hanged.
1965 UK Death penalty abolished.
         Malcolm X Assassinated.
1966 World Cup Win for England
1967 Che Guevara Killed.
         First Heart transplant.
         Six-Day War in the Middle East
1968 Martin Luther King Assassinated.
         Prague Spring.
         Robert F. Kennedy Assassinated.
         The Transport Act re-classified the nationalised waterways.
1969 Moon Voyage.
         Neil Armstrong walks on the surface of the moon.
         Concord flies.
         ARPANET, the Precursor of the Internet, Created.
          I Got Married.
1970 Computer Floppy Disks.
         Beatles Break Up
1971 India-Pakistan War.
         UK Changes to Decimal Currency.
         My eldest daughter born.
1972 First email.
         Britain joins EU.
         Mark Spitz Wins Seven Gold Medals
         Pocket Calculators Introduced.
         Watergate Scandal Begins.
         My youngest daughter born.
1973 Yom Kippur War.
         US Pulls Out of Vietnam
1974 President Nixon Resigns.
         Terracotta army discovered in China.
1975 Margaret Thatcher becomes British Prime Minister.
         Microsoft Founded.
1976 First Personal Computer.
         Nadia Comaneci given seven perfect tens.
1977 Elvis Found Dead.
1978 BBC bans Sex Pistols
1979-1989 Afghanistan - Soviet Occupation
1979 Mother Theresa Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
1980 John Lennon Murdered.
         Rubics cube takes off.
1980-1988 Iran-Iraq War
1981 Ronald Reagan president.
         Humber bridge opened.
1982 Falkland Islands War.
         Mary Rose Raised After 437 Years
1983 Grenada - American Invasion
1984 Miners strike.
         Indira Gandhi, India's Prime Minister Assassinated.
1985 Famine in Ethiopia.
         Hole in the Ozone Layer Discovered.
         Gorbachev Calls for Glasnost and Perestroika.
         Wreck of the Titanic Found.
         End of the Cold War.
1986 Space Shuttle Challenger explosion.
         Chernobyl Nuclear Accident.
1987 DNA First Used to Convict Criminals.
1988 Pan Am Flight 103 Is Bombed Over Lockerbie.
1989 Tiananmen Square Protests, China.
         World Wide Web.
         Panama - American invasion.
         Fall of the Berlin Wall.
1990 First Gulf War, Desert Storm.
         Hubble Telescope Launched Into Space
         Lech Walesa Becomes First President of Poland
         Nelson Mandela Freed
1991 Collapse of the Soviet Union
         Operation Desert Storm
         South Africa Repeals Apartheid Laws.
        Tim Berners Lee invents the World Wide Web.
1992 Official End of the Cold War
1993 World Trade Center Bombed
1994 Rwanda Genocide
         Channel Tunnel Opens
         Nelson Mandela Elected President of South Africa
         Rwandan Genocide.
1995 Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin Assassinated.
1996 Mad Cow Disease Hits Britain
         Two Royal Divorces
1997 Hale-Bopp Comet Visible.
         Hong Kong Returned to China .
         Princess Diana dies.
         Scientists Clone Sheep.
         Blair Elected PM
1998 Viagra on the Market.
1999 NATO Attacks Serbia.
         The Euro the New European Currency.
         First draft of the human genome.
         Began study at university for MSc
2000 Israel withdraws from southern Lebanon.
         Vladimir Putin elected president of Russia.
2001 World Trade Center is destroyed.
         Foot and mouth epidemic.
         MSc Graduation
2002 Bush/Blair produce fake evidence of WMDs in Iraq.
         Purchased our home "Wits End"
2003 Iraq War.
         Space shuttle Columbia breaks up on re-entry.
         England wins Rugby World Cup
2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.
2005 Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans.
         Blair re-elected to third term.
         London awarded 2012 Olympics.
         Boating holiday on the Shroppie.
2006 Rose of Arden built.
         Cash for Honours Scandal
2007 Boating holiday on the broads.
2008 Barack Obama elected president.
2009 Search for a narrow boat began.
         First posting into this blog.
         Britain officially entered recession.
         United Kingdom Parliamentary expenses scandal.
         Speaker Martin sacked from Parliament.
2010 Rose of Arden purchased.
         Recession turned into a crash.
2011 Mick retired.
Newly-discovered asteroid 2011 MD will pass only 12,000 kilometers (7,500 miles) above Earth's surface on Monday June 27 NASA analysts say there is no chance the space rock will strike Earth. Nevertheless, the encounter is so close that Earth's gravity will sharply alter the asteroid's trajectory.


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