Monday 16 May 2016

French Letter (5)

A Road Less Travelled
'A French Letter'
(continued III)


16th May 2016

The next morning we departed Jumi├Ęges and made our way towards Deauville. Where we found the local municipal 'Aires' to be quite small and very cramped. There was all the usual disposal facilities available. Though the elsan required a small grate to be lifted for access. However, everyone had to snuggle up to the motorhomes on either side! There is a cheap source of fuel at the Super-U a short distance away located across the road from the local Lidl. 


I don't know why but today I started thinking about my grandfather. We all tend to think that granddads are special people, always good to us when we were kids. I remember when my grandpa would for a bit of fun put me in inside an old car tyre. Then like they do with cheeses rolling contests. Grandpa would roll me down the hill. I like to think they were the Goodyears.

The next morning we headed towards our next destination in Caen. It was then that the Garmin Nuvi sat-nav issued a strange warning that we had never heard given before – 'Demonstration on the road ahead?' Then while we were puzzling over what the warning meant and getting ever closer to Caen. We noticed a couple of the local police stopping trucks and parking them up on the hard shoulder.

It seems that there has been a 'French style' demonstration, and as usual. The French workers were out in force. We passed hundreds of trucks, with almost everything at a stand still, except for private cars and motorhomes. Which were allowed to proceed at a steady pace in the fast lane. I gave the protestors a couple of toots on the horn and the solidarity 'thumbs up' as we passed.

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