Miscellaneous Sites

  1. Nb Bottom of Arden
  2. Canal Boat Painting
  3. The Antidote
  4. Boatmans Banter
  5. Nb Corinna
  6. Nb Dvbris
  7. Nb Drako
  8. Nb Elektra
  9. Nb Tam Lin
  10. Nb Isabella
  11. Nb Oo-La-La
  12. Nb Sika
  13. Nb Sojourn
  14. Nb Tambourine
  15. Nb Whisper
  16. Nb Cindy B
  17. Solar Stuff
  18. Animated Knots
  19. Annie The Lazy Artist
  20. Becoming Listless
  21. Ben 9
  22. Birding Afloat
  23. Brassiclint Diesel Splits
  24. Hb Bauhaus barge
  25. Canal Book Collector
  26. Canal mailing list
  27. Canal Scene
  28. Diamond Geezer
  29. Éclarcie2007/2010
  30. Fanciful Alice
  31. Footprints
  32. Georges Canal Boating
  33. Hopper Eleven
  34. Nb Keeping Up (a must visit site)
  35. Lee and Stort (History)
  36. Living aboard a boat
  37. L.I.L.O.
  38. Maid of the Mist
  39. Narrowboat Basil
  40. Narrowboat Dreams
  41. Narrowboat Images
  42. Narrowboat Interior Designs
  43. Narrowboat Engine Room
  44. Nb Alton
  45. Nb Tia (Eco-products)
  46. Nb Siskin
  47. Nb Magic Potion
  48. Nb MyraMyra
  49. Not the Narrowboat News
  50. Organ Grinders Monkey
  51. Poem
  52. Rose of Sharon
  53. Travelling Freakshow
  54. SadlerBootWerk
  55. Vereeniging
  56. Nb The Manly Ferry
  57. Towpath Townie
  58. Tilly Baker
  59. Tidal Trip
  60. True Love Floats
  61. TwoJays
  62. Tony Clayton
  63. The cat who walks by himself
  64. The cats whiskers
  65. The Lazy Artist
  66. The Wherrymans
  67. Varekai
  68. Nb Wicked Game
  69. Wild Thyme
  70. Worcester Birmingham Canal Society
  71. Nb Yarwood
  72. 8ch
  73. Mike Clarke
  74. Zenatomm

Wildlife Links.
  1. Bees, Wasp and Ant Recording Society.
  2. Forager extraordinaire!
  3. All about Nettles.
  4. Wild food recipes.
  5. Things to help bees.
  6. Which flowers to plant
  7. Gardening for wildlife
  8. Info about Neonicotinoids 
  9. Pesticide Action Network 
  10. The Grasslands Trust
  11. Buglife
  12. Butterfly identification
  13. Deep Ecology
Other Stuff

World Canals: Introduction to waterways country by country, with maps based on those published by Euromapping. Includes archive from the EU TERRA “Voies d’eau Vivantes” project.

Hans Grüner, Nürnberg: Extensive documentation on both the current and historic (King Ludwig’s) canals between the Rhine (Main) and Danube in Germany. Link takes you to the pages on the new (1992) canal. 

European Boating Association: EU campaigning and lobbying on behalf of all boatowners and the marine industry. Site maintained and regularly updated by EBA officers.

National Waterways Conference: The National Waterways Conference was founded to ensure adequate waterways investment in the USA and to encourage a sensible approach to user taxes and fees.

Waterways Council:

Inland Waterways Association of Ireland: A highly popular and well-maintained association web site, with a lively forum. Valuable source of information.

Voies Navigables de France: Manages about two thirds of the 8500 km of waterways throughout France, and is preparing new Seine-Nord waterway. Current government policy is to encourage all secondary waterways to be conceded to regional or local authorities.

American Canal Society: Dedicated to Historic Canal Research, Preservation, Restoration, and Parks. The society was formed in 1972 to promote the wise use of America’s many historic canal resources.

New York State Canal System: Site invites visitors to the historic Erie Canal (formerly Barge Canal) system, to “cruise the past, unlock the adventure”. A unique, operating heritage waterway in USA.

The Trent-Severn Waterway: A photo and cruising guide for the beautiful Trent-Severn Waterway, in Ontario, Canada. Part of North America’s ‘Great Loop’ circle route, this 240-mile long chain of lakes and rivers are connected through a series of canals locks, including the 2 tallest lift locks in the world.

Australian Canal Society: The Australian Canal Society (ACS) is a society of people with an enthusiasm for canals and other inland waterways around the world, particularly those of the UK and Europe.

Canal Society of New Jersey: A non-profit organization formed in 1969 to preserve, restore and promote the history of the New Jersey’s canals, especially the exceptional Morris Canal with its preserved locks and inclined planes.

Lachine canal : Located in Montreal, the Lachine Canal runs 14.5 kilometres from the Old Port to Lake Saint-Louis.

EuroCanals : See above (corporate member)

Canals of France

Canal Society of Ohio

Augusta Canal