Tunnel List

Standedge Huddersfield Narrow Canal 5210m
Strood Thames & Medway Canal 3595m
Sapperton Thames & Severn Canal 3490m
Lapal Tunnel Dudley No 2 Canal 3470m
Dudley Dudley No 1 Canal 2884m
Hollingwood Common Chesterfield Canal 2820m
Butterley Cromford Canal 2800m
Blisworth Grand Union canal 2794m
Netherton B C N Netherton Branch 2768m
Harecastle Trent & Mersey Canal 2675m
Harecastle Old Trent & Mersey Canal 2650m
Norwood Chesterfield Canal 2633m
Wast Hill Worcester & Birmingham Canal 2492m
Morwell Down Tavistock Canal 2341m
Oxenhall Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal 2000m
Braunston Grand Union canal 1887m
Foulridge Leeds & Liverpool Canal 1500m 
Crick Grand Union canal (Leicester Section) 1500m
Southnett Leominster Canal 1143m
Preston Brook Trent & Mersey Canal 1133m
Greywell Basingstoke Canal 1124m
Husbands Bosworth Grand Union Canal (Leicester Section) 1066m
Berwick Shropshire canal 887m
Islington Regents Canal 878m
Southampton Southampton & Salisbury Canal 805m
Saddington Grand Union (Leicester Section) 805m
Falkirk Union Canal 637m
Shortwood Worcester & Birmingham Canal   560m
Eardington Eardington Forge Canal - 549m
Tardebigge Worcester & Birmingham Canal   530m
Barnton Trent & Mersey Canal 523m
Gannow Leeds & Liverpool Canal 511m 
Gosty Hill Dudley No2 Canal 509m 
Bruce Kennet & Avon Canal 459m
Man. & Salford Jct Manchester & Salford Junction Canal 457m
Adwick Dearne & Dove Canal 432m
Chirk Llangollen Canal 420m
Fenny Compton No2 Oxford Canal 414m
Aylestone Hereford & Gloucester Canal 403m
Shrewley Grand Union Canal 396m
Saltersford Trent & Mersey Canal 388m
Ashperton Hereford & Gloucester Canal 366m
Hincaster Lancaster Canal 346m
Ashford Monmouth & Brecon Canal 343m
Hardham Arun Navigation - 343m
Rough Castle Union Canal British Waterways 334m
Coseley Birmingham Canal Navigations Main Line 330m
Sellers Huddersfield Narrow Canal British Waterways 325m
Brandwood Stratford Canal 322m
Fenny Compton No1 Oxford Canal 308m
Putnal Field Leominster Canal 302m
Lillesdon Chard Canal 288m
Ilminster Chard Canal 275m
Southall Shropshire Canal 257m
Stirchley Shropshire Canal 257m
Snedshill Shropshire Canal 256m
Maida Hill Regents Canal 249m
Whittle Hill Leeds & Liv Canal (Walton Summit Branch) 237m
Newbold (New Tunnel) Oxford Canal - 228m
Snareston Ashby Canal 228m
Dunhapstead Worcester & Birmingham Canal   216m
Scout Huddersfield Narrow Canal 201m
Tipton Pensnett Canal 180m
Whitehouses Llangollen Canal 175m
Woodley Peak Forest Canal 152m
Curzon St. Birmingham Canal Navigations Digbeth Branch - 147m
Drakenholes Chesterfield Canal 140m
Bury No2 Manchester, Bolton & Bury Canal 129m
Newbold (Old Tunnel) Oxford Canal 122m
Leek Caldon Canal (Leek Branch) 119m
Armitage Trent & Mersey Canal 119m
Galton Birmingham Canal Navigations Main Line 112m
Ashted Birmingham Canal Navigations (Digbeth Branch) - 110m
Cardiff Glamorganshire Canal 106m
Waterhouses Hollinwood Branch Canal 101m
Wren's Nest Dudley Canal - 100m Approx D
Tuel Lane Rochdale Canal British Waterways 99m
Edgebaston Worcester & Birmingham canal   96m
Summit Birmingham Canal Navigations 95m
Fallingroyd Rochdale Canal 95m
Calne Wilts & Berks Canal 92m
Rosehill Peak Forest Canal 92m
Chippenham Wilts & Berks Canal 92m
Bates Huddersfield Narrow Canal British Waterways 87m
Newnham Leominster Canal 86m
Coleford Dorset & Somerset Canal 83m
Ellesmere Llangollen Canal 80m
Cwmbran Monmouth & Brecon Canal 80m
Rain Hall Rock No1 Leeds & Liverpool Canal (Rain Hall Rock Branch) 80m
Rain Hall Rock No2 Leeds & Liverpool Canal (Rain Hall Rock Branch) 80m
Cowley Shropshire Union Canal 74m
Barrack Hill Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal 74m
Deansgate Rochdale Canal - 72m
Romford Romford Canal - 70m
Gregory Cromford Canal 70m
Froghall Caldon Canal 69m
Brewins Dudley Canal 69m
Combe Hay Somerset Coal Canal 61m
Bury No1 Manchester, Bolton & Bury Canal 61m
Bath No1 Kennet & Avon Canal Snr 53m
Curdworth Birmingham and Fazely Canal 52m
Bath No2 Kennet & Avon Canal Snr 51m
Eyre's Regents Canal 48m
Waytown Grand Western Canal 37m
Salford No2 Manchester Bolton & Bury Canal 32m
Alton Uttoxeter Canal Snr 37m
Salford No1 Manchester Bolton & Bury Canal 32m
Wolfhamcote Oxford Canal 31m
Buckland Hollow Cromford Canal 31m
Dunsley Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal 23m
Broad St BCN 20m

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