Thursday 12 May 2016

French Letter (1)

A Road Less Travelled
'A French Letter'
(to be continued)


12th May 2016

The boat has gone in for her first major (windows out – back to bare metal) repainting after twelve years. This has curtailed our usual spring until autumn cruise on the UK's inland waterways. We expected to be in the dock by the end of March, it was however early May before we waved Rosie goodbye. Next time we see her, she should be resplendent once more. The repainting will take between six to eight weeks and so, it opened up a further opportunity for us to return to travelling in France. While at the same time we will be keeping an eye on the French Canal system. 


We travelled down from our home in Yorkshire and our last night in England was spent with friends in Halesowen. Before heading south next morning to the quaint little seaside town of Dover-on-Sea. It was an uneventful journey down the M1, M25 and M20. We had not pre-booked our ferry crossing and so P&O lifted our leg, charging an extra £50 on top of what we usually pay. 

Two hours later we disembarked in Calais. 

The adventure begins. 

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