Wednesday 1 June 2016

French Letter (20)

A Road Less Travelled
'A French Letter'

Saint Aubin de Pouancè

1st of June 2016

The sun was out this morning and it was already quite warm. So we had another relaxing morning walk around the lake. We appeared to have timed our walk to perfection. As soon as we got back to the 'Aires' a short heavy shower of rain started. Several other motor homes have also arrived on site which are mainly from Holland and Belgium.

The local Supermarket is still out of fuel – but the 'Total' station next door has just taken a delivery. The long lines of cars are much shorter now and so we are making plans to return back home to blighty. We have decided to try and avoid any of the larger towns and cities as we make our way back towards Calais. We will be keeping a weather eye open for any available fuel to top up the tank along the way.

The news reports on television say that the protesters are now popping up at random on the national routes and building barricades across the roads. The blockages lasting for a couple of hours with the protestors only dispersing when the police arrive on scene. There have also been reports of fuel thefts from parked vehicles on the streets.

We continue to get to know the Pouancè area quite well. With regular visits to the local shops and supermarkets. A few of the locals are now beginning to recognise us and engage us in conversation. Today a van turned up and an old couple got out – the old boy had a zimmer frame on wheels which was also became a seat whenever he needed it. They both spoke some English and when bolstered with my consummate command of 'Fronglaise' we had a good approximation of a chat. It seems they have a couple of grown up children living and working in Epsom and Hackney.

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