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Power hosing Premium-Calibre Satirical Hogwash Over The Inland Waterways Since 2010, Rose of Arden is one of the universe’s leading satirical Blogger blogs. Since its birth in the 1st of January 2010. I have dispensed a daily dose of satire and bullshit to an estimated potential global audience of 7 billion people. I have left no watery hot potato un-buttered, and have presided over, and/or caused, and/or commented on (delete according to preference) the end of several of the world’s least desirable despots and dinner companions. RoA is independent of all waterways organisations and hoping to carry on blogging until the end of time (logistics permitting).

This blog has been created to chart the trials and tribulations of owning a narrow-boat. I am not going to paint a twee picture, highlighting the best way to get yourself going in narrow-boat ownership. What I will do is chronicle the issues and what we learned as we went along.

Owning a narrow-boat will incur regular costs. Depending on the size of the boat those costs will vary. Reading this blog will incur occasional bouts of boredom and your mileage may vary! I will frequently go "Off Topic" and write about whatever issue is on my mind at a particular moment in time. But I will from time to time come back to the main topic which is, owning and operating a narrow-boat.


Whilst due care has been taken to ensure that information contained in this publication is accurate. It does not provide a comprehensive in depth discussion. The information contained is provided without warranty as to the accuracy of the information contained. The author will not be held responsible for any loss suffered by any person that is directly or indirectly attributable to reliance on the information contained.

Well, I’ve had to revisit, rewrite and rehash the disclaimer from the succinct statement above to a rather more lengthy affair to make clear to:- the increasing number of paranoid, litigious, wealthy, self-publicising, arrogant, censorious and just plain stupid twits who insist, not only on visiting this blog, on failing to realise that, if they don’t like what they read and see, the option is always there not to come back.
So, the views expressed by author of this blog do not necessarily reflect the views of those who contribute their views, opinions, grumbles, rants and opinions to this blog, nor do they reflect the views of those who link to this website or quote from it, nor do they reflect the views of the author’s partner/spouse/other half/significant other, children/sprogs/offspring, father, mother, sisters, brother, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins (at whatever degree), grandparents, other predeceased relatives, step relations, any other blood relatives, any relatives by marriage, or indeed the views of any sane, right-minded individual—particularly the author.
Comments published on this blog are the work and sole responsibility of their writers, with said writers taking full responsibility, liability and blame for any libel, litigation or bad publicity that results from something written in a comment. The author of this blog reserves the right to block or delete comments as he feels fit and without right of explanation or reply. Having said that, comments will usually only be blocked/deleted where they are excessively rude, bad-tempered, or incite violence. Comments may be edited for brevity or, with the permission of the commenter, for clarity. The author of this blog makes no claims as to the accuracy, completeness, veracity, honesty, exactitude and factuality of comments posted on this blog.
While the author of the blog may appear to be an expert on everything, he is in fact not an expert on anything and makes no claim to offering safe, factual, reliable, honest or scientifically validated advice in the fields of animal health, zoology, the media, law, boating, biology, botany, entomology, physics, chemistry, mechanics, bacteriology, biochemistry, brewing, parenting, phrenology, politics, aetiology, parasitology, dendrochronology  axiology, pharmacology, humour, ideology, hydrology, gastronomy, cooking, personal hygiene, pig keeping, phraseology, poultry keeping, storiology, education, religion, campanology, psychiatry, psychology, cartology, ethics, or any other field of human endeavour or interest. Under no circumstances should anyone attempt to replicate any of the author’s feats, trials, endeavours or activities, nor should they consider them to be safe, healthy or non-deleterious to human or animal health.
Should you genuinely seek advice or help in these or any other areas, please do not bother the blog’s author with your pleas as his words are little more than passing fancies that may not have the meaning intended or that which your read into them. Instead, it is strongly suggested that contact the relevant professionals for advice on overcoming your problems, obstacles, impediments, difficulties or issues. Such advice can be gained from doctors, dentists, psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health workers, dieticians, lawyers, solicitors, barristers, hospitals, GP surgeries, veterinarians, relevant government departments, local councils and the like. Should you need to contact such people, please feel free to make use of telephone directories, on-line directors, search engines or even your next-door neighbour instead of the services of this blog’s author.
This website may, from time to time, advertently or inadvertently, link to other websites, some, or indeed many, of which will be in bad taste, prurient, disgusting, useless, rotten, repulsive, ill-written, badly informed, unreliable, in poor taste, of dubious reliability or provenance, poisonous, venomous, libellous  pornographic, hate-filled or even funny. The author of this blog makes no claims about the websites to which the blog links, nor does he condone, endorse or take responsibility for such content. If you decide to follow a link from this blog to another, you do so of your own free will and in the full knowledge that what you may find there may not be what you expect and may well cause you affront, shock, horror, disgust and unease. If this would be injurious to your mental, physical or spiritual well-being, please do not follow any links at any time.
Finally, if you fail to understand what this disclaimer is saying, then do not contact the blog’s author as he may well decide you’re a dysfunctional, illiterate, technophobic, humourless, useless waste of space and reply in a manner that may cause affront, shock, horror, disgust and unease.
In short, if you don’t like what you find here, close this window.


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