Saturday, 28 May 2011

Other jobs.

Well the weather was quite changeable yesterday. I have been working outside in the periods between the rain showers. I wanted to make a start on fitting the top box cover which finally arrived yesterday. I purchased the waterproof sheet on the Internet last week. I got out my tools from the garage and got everything set up ready to make a start. When I unpacked the top sheet, there were several ring eyelets missing. Damn! I have been on-line and the company is going to send out a replacement. So the job has been put off until next week when hopefully the replacement part arrives.

After the rather interesting first cruise of the season, I have ordered some spares from Beta marine. (replacement keys and engine mountings)  I need to get the engine mountings replaced as the rubber has perished and the amount of engine vibration absorption has deteriorated.

Its the Monaco Grand Prix practice today, so I must go and finish some of my domestic chores before settling down for an afternoon of formula one entertainment. To be followed later by Manchester United -v- Barcelona, come on you reds!


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