Monday, 30 May 2011

On-line consultation.

The dogs Poppy and Abbey are feeling a bit under the weather. Being a bank holiday its not easy to find a vet to consult. So, I decided to do a search on-line to get some advice about treating their symptoms. I did a Google search - Lo and behold, Google brings up an on-line vet. After making a small credit card payment, I was able to ask for some much needed advice.

The outcome after lots of questions and answers about the dogs history, ages, previous illnesses etc, was - if you can't consult a vet and your dog displays an upset stomach, diarrhoea and is a touch flatulent. It's safe to give them Pepto Bismol which is available over the counter from your local chemist. 1ml for each 10 pounds of dog, given every 4/6 hours. If problems persist for more that 2/3 days, consult a vet for a full examination. Off to Tesco chemist to get the medication. It's a bit early, but it seems to be working, they are looking and acting a bit brighter already.

Generally speaking, you can't treat animals with medication intended for humans. The effects on them can be catastrophic. But it seems that Pepto Bismol is one such product safe for dogs and us. Even the on duty Chemist agreed that it was a safe product to use.

This started me thinking about an urgent need to consult a doctor for advice when you are moored up out in the wilds. So I go back to Google, do a quick search and up comes a site with 8 on-line doctors available. There are caveats to this sort of emergency advice. Whilst the sites are very reassuring in their presentation. The term "your mileage may vary" comes to mind. However, there are times when needs must.


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