Tuesday 28 June 2011

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Does British Waterways want our boat licence money?

Our boat licence is due, but we have not had the reminder from BW. We did not get one last year until I complained about the issue. So I thought I could try a few different methods.

  • First attempt, I decided to phone - Got the message - we are busy try again later
  • Second  attempt, I tried to use last years reminder number on line. Did not work.
  • Third attempt, I decided to phone -  Got the message - we are busy try again later
  • Fourth attempt, Email request sent for the reminder number - Two weeks later nothing.
  • Fifth attempt, I decided to phone - Got the message - we are busy try again later
  • Sixth attempt I tried to email the moorings manager so enlist his help - one week later nothing.
  • Seventh attempt,  I decided to phone - Got the message - we are busy try again later
  • Eighth attempt - added a plea to the comments on Robin Evans blog. Awaiting Moderation.
  • Ninth attempt,  I decided to phone - Got the message - we are busy try again later
  • Tenth attempt,  complain by letter to Robin Evans. One week later nothing!
  • Eleventh attempt, Ask my local MP to ask the Minister if he could remind BW that I would like to pay them our boat licence. 
  • Success, four days, later letter arrives from my MP saying he will forward my request to the appropriate department.

Do BW actually want our money?
Does this explain why so many boats are unlicensed?
Why do I have to fight BW to give them money?

In a recent posting titled "Water Water Everywhere" I drew attention to the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge and his poem of the Ancient Mariner. This set me off thinking about a radical local poet of some renown, who is buried in Darfield church yard near our home. The poet is Ebenezer Elliott, also known as the "corn law rhymer" Elliot is a son of this part of Yorkshire. He led something of a chequered life, but the thing I admire most about him was his radical political views. Wikipedia has a good write-up of Ebenezer Elliot Here.

Ebenezer Elliot always blamed the English "corn laws" for his loss of his fathers fortune. Though he did go on to become a wealthy man in later life. Wikipedia has a good write-up of the Corn Laws Here The corn law rhymes can be read here.

Tonight we walked a part of the old Elsecar branch of the Dearne and Dove canal. There are some parts that are still hold water and a few short sections that have been reclaimed. I hope that one day the sections will be drawn together and the canal made good for navigation once more.

I expect Ebenezer Elliot will arise from the grave and the  Elsecar branch of the Dearne and Dove canal re-opening, will both coincide with BW sending our renewal number. But maybe not!


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