Thursday 7 April 2011

Caption Competition.

I love Internet based caption competitions, I enjoy trying to think up a good caption. Here is a sample of a typical Internet based caption competition to be found elsewhere of the Internet. Click Here.  So I thought I would run a once a month caption competition, with a canal theme. However, the captions should try and reflect the canal theme. I will be the judge and jury and the prize will be a mention in the ships log.

Here is a sample, with some possible captions.

  • Nest-cafe
  • To kill a Mocha bird.
  • Kencoo
  • Coot Noire
  • Douwe Eggbirds
  • Mellow Birds Instant Coffee
  • Bird mugged at local coffee house.
  • Coot in the act.
  • Dipper mugged
  • Redbull did not quite hit the spot
  • Starbeaks
  • Starpeck's
  • Chickory

 OK, let's get the ball rolling and start with the inaugural Rose of Arden caption competition. The caption under the picture is our entry but does not count.

This is the first caption competition.

  • Does my Ass look big in this?

To submit your caption  Click on the comments tag below.


  1. Mule-tide greetings.

  2. Don Key Boate (Don Quixote)

  3. For Sale: 1 horsepower boat, very stable, complete with jenny for electrics, a desirable ass-ert

  4. Captain Bray Hab

  5. If you want ride me again, you are going to have to learn how to swim first,,, BRATS!!!

  6. Noah said to me, "ive already got two asses aboard, Ham and Shem,,,go find your own boat"

  7. Top Secret:

    Irish Special Forces practice Trojan Horse landing tactics.

  8. Exclusive::
    Worlds first methane powered boat, with self contained methane production unit connected to engine.

  9. Donkey see, Donkey do

  10. Sir Francis bray-kes first expedition

  11. Oh no!!!! Up s**t creek without anyeeeeeeeeee oarrrrrrrrrrrs


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