Thursday, 3 January 2013

I have that sinking feeling!

Happy New Year. The days are growing longer as we have now passed the winter solstice.  The start of the next cruising season draws ever near. The rain has slowed to a deluge. All is well in the world of the Inland Waterways - or is it?
As it's a new year I have started a canal side new years honours list. In first place as you can imagine comes CaRT - for the fastest avoidable sinking of the year. As our good friends in charge of CaRT carry on where they left off before the holiday break.  
In June last year, CaRT employees and other boaters reported a vessel that seemed to have been  abandoned. Located at the entrance to the top lock in the Tinsley flight and the entrance to Tinsley marina. It had been cast adrift several times in the past by persons unknown. Only to be recovered by passing boaters. What was obvious to everyone was that the boat was slowly taking on water. 

A couple of weeks ago I noted that it was heavily down by the stern. It seemed to me that the engine room was now full of rainwater. I mentioned its condition once more to a passing CaRT employee. He said with a shrug that he had already reported it – there was nothing he could do - no one seemed to be in the slightest bit interested.

Now, she is sat on the bottom and flooded inside. The water is only just over the gunwale and the boat seems to be slowly sliding away from the bank into deeper water. A short distance up the canal there is what seems to be a diesel slick. Its not clear where the slick has come from, but it is quite a coincidence that they are only separated by a short distance. The boat I assume has on board all manner of chemicals that we would not want to see enter the water. There is currently no floating barrier in place round the boat to help contain any pollution spillage. I bumped into the father of a previous owner. He tells me that the boat is fitted with an old Lister engine, that was in very good condition.This would make a good plot and title for a Carry On Film. "Carry On CaRT!"



  1. Happy New Year to you my friend, good to be reading your blog again.

  2. Towpath Talk, Issue 87, page 92. You've got a mention on there along with moi. I added this info to my blog post yesterday, um a few hours later cos I'd suddenly remembered.

    Fame & fortune at last eh? Or more probably fame & notoriorty for us!

    I'll have to go pick the mothballs off me ballgown, dig out me plastic tiara & slippers for all the functions we'll be invited to by Can't Afford Real Tyres. Oh I'm fillin up (sniff).


  3. Greetings to you both....

    Glad you enjoy the blog...

    Mick n Mags


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