Sunday 28 October 2012

It's not too late is it?

During British Summer Time (BST), local time in the UK is advanced one hour forward of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), so that evenings have more daylight and mornings have less. The practice was popular following its introduction in 1916, although it now divides opinion. British Summer Time begins at 1:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time on the last Sunday of March and ends at 1:00 AM GMT on the last Sunday of October. 

In 2012, this period was from 25 March to 28 October. 
In 2013 it will begin on 31 March and end on 27 October.

Chronos or Old Father Time

Here at the gates, on the day you were born,
Spooling is breathened and blossomed in thought.
Mind in the head of this child of mine,
Now we're up dancing with old father time,
Raising our glasses to old father time.



  1. Well we decided to be different & put our clocks forward an hour in the hope that we'll get better weather.


    PS: I won an award the other day.

  2. Ah, a fellow pleb.

    Now what's all this about messing with the weather, you can't do that. Remember last year we had a hosepipe ban just in time for the worst flooding on record. This sort of preemptive tomfoolery does not come easy!

    If you start doing your own flood management and getting proactive with the sun. You will spoil the carefully calculated CART water loss systems to be found at every lock. Maladjustment is a difficult task to master and CART have a few maladjusted in place.

    What's all this about winning an award. Have you passed this through the new CART advisory committee on winning and losing awards? The committee was set up to advise the committee on Jaffa Cakes, who in turn report to the committee on standing still.

    Regards fellow Prole!

    Pip Pip

  3. This is Heth's secretary here, she's busy delivering leaflets at the moment.

    Now then, if Heather can bring on good weather, jest ye not. She knows her stuff that gal & is currently in the process of running for the Presidential election under an assumed name of Sandy.

    As for the prestigous award, she decided to become a non-friend of CART & received a bronze statue of Robbing Evans for being the first person to do so.
    The complimentary bonus pack included a portrait of Robbing Evans, a firework & a can of spray paint.

    So she's decided to:
    Put the statue on the roof of the boat next time it goes under a bridge.
    Spray paint the original portrait, strap the firework to it & light a match. The location for lift off will remain undisclosed for elf & safety reasons. (Shame really, I told her we could do a dog roast & have a beer tent for all the spectators).

    Your's Faithfully,

    Guy Falkens

    PS: I've got a wooden leg & a glass eye so I'm not bonfire material.


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