Friday, 8 April 2016

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Throughout the last few years of boat ownership. I have been taking a number of photographs around the canals and rivers system. Obviously the subject would vary depending on where we were and what we were doing.  The photographic images are taken using a Canon 550d DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) which is my camera of choice. I use Coral Paintshop Pro X8 photo editing software for adding the logo and creating a smaller thumbnail image.

There is no particular theme, other than most of my photography is waterways inspired. It's whatever that caught my attention at the time. So I thought I might include a few of my photographs into the blog.

I like the northern section of the Oxford canal, if only for the photographic opportunities. It's the beginning of April and the leaves are still yet to come.  We were at Falls Bridge when as we passed the bridge 48 old canal route. I grabbed a picture of what looked like a giant eye in the sky. Created by the cloud formation that dumped a deluge of water on us a few moments later!

Keeping and eye on the waterways.

The Oxford Canal was first granted an act of parliament for its construction in 1769. Following the land contours, it was engineered by James Brindley. Later this tortuous route  at the northern end was realigned and straightened. Reducing the distance from Braunston to the Coventry Canal from 36 miles to 22 miles. This resulted in numerous canal arms formed from the now disused sections of the old canal route.  We are just a short distance from the Newbold Tunnel which was created to help in the realignment of this section.
I take photographs for my own personal pleasure. Whilst I reserve copyright ownership of the photographic image. You are free to use the image for your own purposes as long as the logo is not removed and you give credit to where the photograph came from. The image provided on the blog is a thumbnail of the original photographic image. 

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