Monday 17 January 2011

One year on

The milder weather has broken the vice like grip of the ice round the boat. So I imagine it will not be long before the first of the more hardy boaters start to make a move. Our first move with the boat will be a short trip up to the canal basin in Sheffield for a pump out of the toilet holding tank.

Looking back, around this time last year we were on the North Oxford, Ashby and Coventry canals. It was actually quite a good time to go cruising as there were very few boats moving and there was no waiting at locks or water points. Clicky-Link A few snow flurries and the sometimes biting cold wind could not put a damper on our enjoyment. We completed a comfortable 90 mile round trip on our hire boat "Dukes" all done within six days and without pushing to reach a particular point. The nice thing about the North Oxford, Ashby and Coventry canals is there are so few locks to contend with.

It was the last of our hire boat trips before going ahead and purchasing Rosie. I wanted the Memsahib to experience the winter on the canal before plunging into boat ownership. Plunging was quite a fortuitous word in this instance. Because the Memsahib decided to take a look at the boat from an unusual angle, by going over the side. Whilst, she was not the happiest soldier you have ever come across. Clicky-Link The Memsahib was actually on pretty good form that day. She went straight into the gold standard Anglo Saxon vernacular without batting an eyelid. She proved that she was a master and a craftswoman a weaver of words.  She was as one and truly in her element. Clicky-Link

Now its the walking through treacle time as I await my freedom from the drudgery of the salt mine. Ever growing anticipation as my leaving date draws nearer. So it will soon be time to plan our first cruise, but one without a return date in mind. That should keep me daydreaming for a while. Well, until I get the nudge at my elbow from she who must be obeyed.


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  1. The hardy boaters have already been out. We managed a whole 4 miles on Sunday!!


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