Wednesday 30 October 2013


A picture sometimes is the best way to pass on a great deal of information at a glance.

In this example we can see a potted version of the earth through all its time divisions. Starting with the 'Archean' to the 'Protozoic' where the first signs of life have been detected in the rocks from this time. Fossils of water living creatures highlight the 'Cambrian' to the 'Permian' era.

The Mesozoic is highlighted by the periods known as the 'Triassic', 'Jurassic' and 'Cretaceous'. When life moved onto the land. Either side of which are periods of mass extinction. A time that brought us the dinosaurs. 

This brought the Cenozoic period and the era of mammals.  Starting in the 'Paleocene' right through to the long awaited mass extinction of another set of dinosaurs in the 'CRTocene'.

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