Thursday, 2 December 2010

What would you do for charity?

What would you do for charity?

Some of my friends are a bit extrovert, some of them are a bit over the top, some are even, very extrovert and others are way-way over the top. However, then there are bikers and where there is no sense there is no feeling. Last year for a charity function a friend of mine sold me a "Get your bike washed" ticket for £5. I duly paid up and turned up with the bike at the appropriate time to be greeted by the following "A gentleman biker cleaner complete with a Borat Mankini"

The Memsahib also came along with her bike which was given a good wash, scrub and polish. A good time was had by all, supporting a worthy cause. On the left you can see us watching the bikes being washed - our friend Emma is trying not to laugh!

The picture on the bottom right. My bike was eventually washed and a very good job was made of it. Saying that, I have to admit. I was also included in the wash cycle as well.  I was given a good wash, scrub but managed to avoid the polish. In the foreground is the Memsahib's bike, then me having a compulsory shower and my bike is just behind.       


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