Thursday 31 October 2013

My to do list!

I'm the first to admit that I'm not the most organised of people. Not only that, but since retirement I have noticed that I have now acquired a list of regular chores to do. I have taken on change as the world around me has changed. Changed from one of the working week with a bit of weekend leisure to one mainly of leisure with a bit of work. 

In other words, I have become to a point a creature of habit. Then came the realisation that there is only one real change. A change that is so fundamental as to be almost a return to the bad old days of working for a living. I have come to loathe the weekends. Because a visit to a supermarket or the city centre on a weekend, it's full of people rushing around jostling each other.

For years my commute to work by car would have taken well over an hour. However, our favourite mode of transport back then was the motorcycle. A form of transport which would get us to work in the city centre in half the time of the car. Essentials for the day would be gathered by a quick run into the shopping centre in our dinner hour. 

I have now acquired a bus pass. I'm not sure if its an age related thing but it comes complete with a picture to remind me of who I am. But since I now have the time, I am much more likely to use public transport than the car or motor bike.  It also seems that my old habit of rising early has not completely left me yet. Because on some days when want to pay a visit into town, I metamorphose and become a twirly. The 'twirls' are easy to spot. They jump on the bus, proffer their free pass, only to be greeted by the driver with the phrase 'you're too early.'

So I decided that I should attempt to do the first three on the list of impossible things to do. I never had enough spare time in the past to attempt any of them. 

The first was to count the number of hairs on my head. In the past it would have been a much harder task, but more recently the scale of the task has been significantly reduced. 

The second was the 'how brave are you' challenge. That task is to wash your eyes with shampoo. But after a lifetime of quick showers on a working morning. I had grown an immunity to mega stinging shower shampoo. 

The third task was like patting your head and rubbing your belly then changing hands. The task is to learn to breath with your tongue sticking out at the same time. I love such challenges of dexterity, by the way its also OK to put your tongue away now!

I also thought about creating my own bucket list. However I am extremely lucky that the Memsahib does a twice daily bucket lists on my behalf. I have to admit that the lists are much more of a cross between a fatwa and an edict. 

Then I came up with what I think is a workable solution. It's what I call the Phuket Island list. As the weather gets colder, a trip to a warmer climate would be good. So, maybe one day if I can complete all the tasks, I will get to pay a leisurely and relaxing visit Thailand. 

Then I came up with the ultimate list - The CaRT Phuket list. This is a list of all the people in CaRT who I think might already have a Phuket list all of their own. It's a big list!


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