Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Boat Windows.

Has anyone tried using the plastic windows as used in caravans and mobile homes on a boat?

The units are available in many different shapes and sizes. Available in single or double glazed versions. Either clear, frosted or tinted. Some are fixed shut others can be opened from the inside. They also usually come with an inbuilt fly screen and a roller blind. Making for a neat slim unit.

After seeing one that had withstood a stone about the size of an egg being thrown at it. I was wondering if they were a good option for a boat. There was a scratch mark on the outside, but the 'give' in the window seemed to have absorbed a good deal of the impact. You can even buy self fit, tear off strips, a bit like a tear off visor on a helmet to keep them in pristine condition. I'm told that when a caravan or motor home is placed in storage cling film works just as well.

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