Saturday, 11 October 2014

Tainted Profits

Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC), a charity that works to protect cetaceans, is backing the SeaWorld / British Airways petition as part of a wider campaign to stop tour operators, including Virgin Holidays and Thomas Cook, from offering trips to see captive whales and dolphins. 
British Airways responded to the Petition by saying that it was up to consumers whether or not they opted to book trips to SeaWorld. A spokesperson said: "In common with many airlines and travel companies in the UK, we offer services intended to make the booking of holiday experiences more convenient for members of the public who wish to visit SeaWorld attractions"

A poll conducted earlier this year by an on-line travel agent for responsible holidays, and the Born Free Foundation, found that 86 per cent of people would not wish to visit a marine park to see whales and dolphins as part of an overseas holiday.  Click Here

Profiting from  Cruelty

Magnificent Orcas hunt, in the seas that they own;
Not to be walled in and depressed, kept living alone;
Wonderful air breathing mammals, their home is the sea;
Not as cheap entertainment, for the likes of you or me.

They are trapped in a prison, not of their own making;
Intelligent mammals whose plight, is heart breaking;
The ocean is their domain, a place we can only share;
British Airways is so openly foolish, to not give a care.

We have mastered the domain, in the air where we fly;
One more place we can share, with a bird is the sky;
British Airways now has, a tainted profit to make;
Our money at any price, there just on the take.

Now just performing tricks, a cheap pleasure to give;
born free and wild, a creature with a lifetime to live;  
A life that is shortened, caged by walls all around;
A mammal in a silent world, no other cetaceans sound.

Born wild in a pod, with a whole family of friends;
Is this the way that this, tainted story should end;
British Airways give up, start to make amends;
The caring airline traveller, no longer your friend. 

Petitions, words and poems, seem to fall on deaf ears;
But this story will blight BA, for a great many years;
You are seen no longer, the world travellers friend;
For sooner or later, this abomination shall end.

The Alternative Canal Laureate

Evan Keel

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