Thursday 28 November 2013

Arctic 30 Update.

There has been an update issued by Greenpeace about the brave and inspiring 'Arctic 30' protesters.

It’s been a week of ups and downs for the Arctic 30 - 29 activists and journalists have now been released from prison on bail. But our friend Colin has been refused bail - and all 30 are still facing ludicrous charges and potential jail sentences.

At times like this it can be easy to get bogged down in work and lose sight of the bigger picture. But today I read something that inspired me so much I wanted to share it with you. Jayne, who is a lifelong supporter of Greenpeace, wrote to us in support of the Arctic 30. 

This is her email:
When I was just a small child, maybe 7 or 8,  I was watching the news with my parents. I saw a Greenpeace protester jump from a ship in front of a whaling vessel to try to stop the slaughter of those beautiful creatures. It captured  my imagination, I had  never seen anything so brave before and probably not since, it was a terrifying leap. It has meant that I am, and always will be, a lifelong supporter of Greenpeace, and a defender of all you do and believe in.

You continue to stand up for the future of this wonderful, fragile, and totally abused planet. You will overcome tyranny time after time, in the face of overwhelming odds, because you act with only the best of motives, and there are those of us who will always be on your side. 

I may not have your courage, or your dedication, or your resolution, but I will never, never desert you; you are our hope and our moral compass and I am proud of you.

I would say to Jayne that the only reason we are able to do what we do is because of people like her and our 94,000 other regular supporters. We don’t take money from governments or companies, so the people who give us money are our lifeblood.

Click Here to visit the Greenpeace website.

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