Sunday 17 February 2013

Idea's for a TV series.

I have had an idea or two for a TV series, the first series is called "The Z List Solution!"

It's where Big Brother contestants past and present take part in a number of additional tests and challenges. In the first round they are sent to a North Staffordshire Hospital Trust for a series of stamina tests in living without water. Then they are given an appetite for strange food challenge. The survivors of the first round are then sent to a West Yorkshire meat processing centre. Where all the food challenges are labelled as beef. The challenge is to recognise which single item from the 400 on offer is beef and if it is safe for human consumption. The winner is awarded a permanent TV cooking series based in Romania, called "101 different ways to Wok your dog!"

My second idea for a TV series is a charitable comedy called "Would you Adam and Eve it!". 

Basically you invite the senior managers of any charity along as contestants. They are given a series of simple tasks to fulfil. The tasks are based around the activities that the charitable organisation is involved with. It would be a bit like a Stuart Hall BBC It's a Knock-out series. I figure that if it is good enough for the royal family its good enough for anyone.

The contestants would do the simplistic challenges dressed in costume. A costume that reflects their role within the organisation. The CEO could dress as "Widow Swanky" and walk around not doing much. The finance director could dress as a "Street Chugger" complete with chav track suit and a back-to-front baseball cap. Like the CEO they would also walk around not doing much. The various directors would also dress in costume such as the Director of Engineering who would dress up in a designer boiler suit with lace trimmings.  Like the CEO, Finance director the Director of Engineering would also walk around not doing much. All the other directors taking part would also get the opportunity to dress up and walk around not doing much.

The CEO, Finance director and the director of engineering would be tasked to organise a group of charitable volunteers to complete a number of challenges. The first challenge would be to carve a piece of "poetical pisspotical prose" that demonstrated the ethos of the charity. The second challenge would be to design some flags and bunting to be used to advertise their charity using free materials to be found within their area of responsibility. The third task would be to draw together all their collective skills and build a lasting memorial that would reflect the future aims of the charity. The other directors would just  look on and learn.

For instance if the Canal and River Trust were to be invited to take part they might use poetry carved on lock gates. For free materials, they could use the abundant empty plastic bottles, plastic bags, shopping trolleys, tree clippings, rotting lock gates, mud and dog crap. A lasting memorial might consist of a rusty boat full of trees. Now I know that I need to do a bit more work on the  "Would you Adam and Eve it!" series. Because in its current form it unfairly favours one particular charity over all the others. But I was only using the above two challenges to float my ideas.


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