Thursday, 21 July 2011

Electrics and Solar Panels.

I have been reading various bits of information about utilising solar panels with emphasis to building a solar system on board Rosie. Whilst it seems at first sight like a good idea there are many pitfalls to avoid. So first of all let me give you a tip. If you are thinking about solar panels, then you must read the "Solar Electricity Handbook" there is a new 2011 edition out. ISBN 978-1-907670-04-6 Author is Michael Boxwell and you can get a copy from Amazon for £9.49. 

Click on the above link to Amazon then click on the picture of the book, you can read the first 42 pages of the book on-line.

The author provides software from his website to help you to calculate your power budget. You can even contact the author directly if you have any questions. Whilst not targeting a boat directly one of the worked examples is a holiday cottage with no mains provision.

The book is very informative with essential information on designing and installing a system to suit your own requirements. Everything you need to know about this technology is covered. The full safety aspects are also covered. Anyone considering installing a solar system would get a good insight from reading the book. This book explains everything in fairly simple terms so you don't have to be an electrical/electronics wizard to understand it. 

Whilst we do not have any solar panels fitted on Rosie, I have started to make some changes to how we use the inverter / leisure battery bank. Lots of additional information was gleaned from useful tips given in the book. I intend fitting a solar system once we get to spend more time away from the marina. We are also looking at installing a system at home.

On another tack - I love Private Eye it should be on everyone's reading list. I am a long time subscriber just for the joy of reading about how the other half rip-us all off. Bankers, MP's, Media Magnates get short shrift form the acerbic eye!

My latest copy arrived today - what a hoot! see the front page - it says it all.


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  1. I have seen a couple of the solar panels on Amazon, though they are fine for small jobs like charging batteries or fans. They can not provide much charge and commonly any produces charge through 7-8 hours of the day. The newer solar panels have a much higher rate of energy production. I would not personally buy any of these cheap solar panels unless i was looking for a small cheap portable one.


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