Monday, 6 December 2010

Monkey Bike

As you will already know both myself and Mags enjoy riding motorcycles. As Horace Rumpole of the Old Bailey would say "She who must be obeyed" AKA "The Memsahib" has lashed out a large pile of rupee's on a Monkey Bike for use with the boat.

We are hoping to be able to transport the bike stowed in the front cratch area. However, I will need to design some sort of mounting arrangement to facilitate the loading and unloading of the wee beast!

From front to back the bike is 5 ft long and with the handlebars folded down just over 3 ft high. I have in mind a length of aluminium channel that the wheels will fit into. A loop at one end for the front wheel to engage with, to supply some additional stability. With the whole lot bolted across the front cratch. The bike is very light and we should be able to manhandle it on and off the boat.This should provide us with some mode of transport to extend our shopping range whilst out cruising the rivers and canals.

On Sunday morning we went to the marina to check on Rosie and to bank up the stove which we have kept running over the last week or so's cold spell. As we returned home, I had one of those real chuckle moments. I was listening to the local radio station which had an interview going with Brendan Ingle MBE the fast talking Irishman. Brendan has been training boxers out of the St Thomas Gym in Sheffield since the '60s.

The interviewer said that "Brendan was the trainer responsible for the success of local boxers like Herol 'Bomber' Graham, and as a boy the interviewer had gone along and trained at the St Thomas gym". Brendan had told the interviewer after watching him perform in the gym, that he would give him the ring name of  "Lightening". Quick as a flash, Brendan said "The name lightning was given not because the interviewer was fast. He was given the name because he had never been given the chance to strike twice by an opponent." On such remarks reputations are made.

Today in a heart warming start to the season of good will to all mankind. A Health and Safety chief has been keeping herself by busy banning hot drinks from "coffee mornings" at the Mill Hill Children's Centre in Waterlooville, Hampshire. In future the mothers will have to meet over glasses of water after the centre decided hot drinks posed too much of a threat to toddlers. Penny Bovey for the centre justified the ban and said: 'We feel this is a sensible way of keeping children safe. Groups are only run for approximately one and a half hours and cold drinks are available'. On such remarks reputations are made.


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