Tuesday 15 November 2011

Even more changes made to the blog.

I have made a few more changes to the blog to make it load quicker and to reduce the amount of material on the opening page. I have moved the Popular Posings link from the front page and made a link to the postings instead.

On the link are about 70 (and growing) of the more popular postings that have been made onto the blog over the last few years. There are many other postings that could be in this list, but it might be fun just to search through the blog and see what you can find.

Some of the bad things are items that are well known on the canal. Others are me venting my spleen at the total disinterest and an appalling level of customer service by some companies who should know better.

Humour, can be both true and factual with the names and minor details changed to protect the irritating. Alternatively it could be me just being a bit of a sartorial observer. I don't know what it is, but sometimes things seem so incongruous that I can't help poke a stick at them. I have an over developed sense of humour and I see things to laugh at all around me.
There are memories of my childhood and at this distance some of the facts my have been blurred by my memory. I was lucky to have been brought up by a very modern and progressive mother. With enough years between me and my siblings that I got all of her undivided attention.

There are things that relate to my interest in any gadget or new technology that comes along.  There are a few items that I have writen about, because I needed to understand pieces of boating technology for myself.

There are bits of observational stuff about our trips out onto the canals and rivers. The people we have met and the places we passed through. Knowledge of nature has been a passion for all of my life. You will see from my musings, that I still have a lot to learn and a long way to go.




  1. WOW, who's been a busy lad... LOL

    Like the look and colour scheme, and yes it is quicker to load too, in fact it does exactly what it says on the tin! :)


  2. Now, flattery will get you anything you like...

    take care.



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