Tuesday 15 November 2011

Blog Changes

I have been taken to task about how much time my blog takes to load. It seems that the first page is much to busy. So rather than a Boaters Blog it seems that I have a Bloated Blog instead.

The first change:

I had two lists of boater blogs, the "regular contributors" and the second list of "infrequent contributors". So, I have moved the list of blogs with infrequent updates to a page of their own. See under Ships Blog / Infrequent Updates. Some of the blogs in this list are dead or at  best ready for their last rights to be performed.  Every now and then one will burst back into life for a while before slumbering off once more. However the information in the blogs can make for some very interesting reading.

You will now see a list of canal boat blogs with only the latest 25 blogs to post a message in the list. However there are almost four times as many blogs in the list as you will see at any one moment in time. Some blogs post only once or twice a month. So for most of the time they never appear in the Top 25 Blogs listings. You can now click the "show all" link to see the whole list.

The Ships Blog / also contains a link to Historic Boats which is a listing of blogs about older boats and their histories. There is also a section called Miscellaneous Sites, which has a listing of other blogs and websites associated with the inland waterways. There is also a link for Forums, Magazines and eBooks. This contains a list of  some other related sites. Previous Blogs of the Month as well as the usual Blog Ethos Disclaimer and Copyrite notice. thee is even a link to Why I Write what I write about.

Little Devil
There is also a link to the World Champion Pessimist Award which you might want to award to someone you know. So if you are feeling a bit like a Little Devil, just point them to the link. There are other links in the Ships Blog area and some new ones that will be available in the next few days. Hopefully its an improved look and feel to the blog.


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