Friday 12 February 2010

Get knotted!

In a time - long long ago, I was a Boy Scout, for a while and like all good scouts dib-dib-dib we were supposed to be able to tie good knots in rope. I think I even got a badge - but it has been a while. Now I am a prospective full time boater, I suppose I should learn again how to tie some of the basic knots. The 42nd Scout Group in East Sussex must have heard about people like me and actually did something about it. They have created some simple animations that show how to tie knots.

In an attempt to stop their pages being ripped off by others. There is a notice that says "Do not copy these animated knots pages and text and publish them on the Internet or elsewhere. If you want to put animated knots on your website then please draw your own."

Towpath Tidy 2010 We’re planning lots of activities up and down the UK to tidy up, clear vegetation, paint and improve local canals and rivers.

British Waterways are organising groups to spend some time at the beginning of March cleaning up the bridge, canal and towpaths on our waterways system.

This started me thinking about what we could do to help. I have done a bit of conservation work in the past. Clearing ditches, repairing fences and improving habitat through scrub clearing etc. This is much the same sort of thing that I have done in the past for the RSPB. This year Towpath Tidy 2010 coincides with our holidays so we will not get a chance to do our bit.
Find details here.

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