Sunday 31 May 2015

Roaming Charges

European Union countries have disappointed consumer groups when they reneged on long-standing pledges to scrap roaming charges altogether this year. Worryingly, news of the EU’s reversal, which surprised industry watchers, has it seems yet to reach many Britons, leaving them once again at risk of racking up unexpectedly high charges on their summer holidays.

Britons are also falling victim to unforeseen higher charges due to easy-to-overlook pitfalls. Of the sample, 22% said they forgot to turn off their mobile data when they landed in their holiday destination, while 19% said they thought they were using WiFi and not mobile data. A further 7% said that not switching off voice mails was the mistake that led to higher charges. Some carriers charging customers if a caller leaves them a message irrespective of whether the message was actually picked up.

You can view uSwitch's international roaming press release and research in full: Click Here.

But you also need to arm yourself with all the information you need to avoid roaming charges by reading the uswitch network-by-network guide to roaming and top tips for travellers here: Click Here.


  1. Reading that business is looking good for three.
    We are with three but you still have to read the fine print, it only covers for a holiday, I think it is limited to about 3 months, still a lot better than the others.

  2. Best way to avoid the roaming charges is, leave the phone at home and enjoy your holiday.


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