Monday, 22 March 2010

What a weekend.

Not much on the boating front to report today. We did not get down to the boat club at all this weekend. However, on reflection this weekend has been a "memorable one" but for all the wrong reasons. The Memsahib has decided that I would like to help refurbish the family bathroom. This follows closely on behind her recent decision that I might also like to help refurbish the kitchen (which co-incidentally I just happen to have finished). So we have been very busy, knocking down walls and using a bolster chisel to remove tiles that were affixed with some sort of special adhesive that sets like rock.

In reality, it started last weekend. I was tasked by the Memsahib with removing a large zinc plated, steel cold water storage tank from the roof space. I have only one thing to say - Rockwool - you know that itchy scratchy insulation stuff you fill the roof void with. The stuff that gets into all your little corners and crevices and creates the feeling of being rolled on a porcupine. It took a week to get over the itchy scratchy and to get the millennium of gathered dust out of my nose and ears.

As it happens, we know a man who can, he's called Ken. He was duly summoned by the Memsahib for a consultation. So, I suppose that when the Memsahib also decided that it was time to install a lowered roof, it did not come as a total surprise. So Ken was "organised" to build the stud roof and prepare himself for some serious plastering work. After the roof was in place the Memsahib then decided that I should also install some additional recessed lighting and a new extractor fan. This had me busy re-wiring the electrics as well as laying a new run of ventilation tubing to the outside world. However, this all had to be done from the itchy scratchy rockwool playroom in the roof void.

The bathroom fitter has arrived this morning, all bright and cheerful. So I have left him in the capable hands of the Memsahib. He said "I will be done by Tuesday" Knowing the Memsahib it's just as well he did not specify which Tuesday! Had a call, it seems the bath panel wa not ordered by the supplier, so we now have an open plan bath for a week or two!

The upshot of all this is, I am in need of a rest. So if anyone has a hull they want blacking, then I am your man. Blacking a hull would provide me with a restful diversion!

The Memsahib was long-long ago, employed by the boys in blue to help them with their enquiries. Not that she had been arrested. She was on the job - so to speak. I know that there were many things that went over her desk that she still cannot talk about. But every now and then she lets slip with a bit of "police speak" from before the "politically correct" days were foisted upon them. It was a comment that really tickled my ribs.

This time we were sat watching Mastermind and some chap was answering question about the Ghurkhas. When she said, "I remember an old-time Sergeant called Smith (his name has been changed, just for anonymity) who was in charge of a specialist team, known locally as Smith's Ghurkhas. They gained this name because when ever they went out they did not take any prisoners". It took me a moment to realise that it was an ironic back-handed piece of praise." In fact I think it is the best bit of police humour I have heard for some time.


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