Tuesday 23 March 2010

The saga of the new bathroom continues.

I am having a grumpy Victor Meldrew moment!

As the saga of the refurbished bathroom continues.

The worlds wealthiest bathroom fitter seems to have done a good job and the transformation has gone on a pace. (I need to make a mental note to myself at this point about a change of career) I don't know why I spent years at University pursuing a higher degree when I should have been a bathroom fitter all along. I say this because, this one day fit-out job has cost the equivalent to my monthly salary.

At least Dick Turpin the highwayman had the good sense to wear a mask.

Rant over its safe to come out now!

Lets talk boating apparel.

I have noticed that there is a fashion on the cut for wearing a Breton hat, (the French peaked boatman's cap) when stood at the tiller. I imagine this is done so that boaters can recognise each other when off the cut.

So, being a typical gritty Yorkie and the strict stereotypical conformist that I am. I thought I should have a look around for one for me. Now, moving away from my flat cap makes me feel like I am selling the kids into slavery. Nevertheless I am consciously moving away from all of my talking about mining and cricket. Abandoning my cherished cobbled street sparking clogs, half starved whippet dog and being miserly which is after all, my comfort zone.

I am also giving up on the Yorkshire pudding (which is in reality a cheap form of a dumpling as 3/4 is missing)  I am about to enter the twilight world of the Breton hat, albeit one set at something of a jaunty angle. So maybe Yorkshire men being miserly is right and the kitchen fitters price was not so bad after all!

Did you hear about the Yorkshire man on a visit to the doctors surgery. He was prescribed an analgesic and he thought it was a suppository.


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