Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Has spring sprung?

Another day dawns, so I take Poppy for an early morning stroll. We dodge the rain squalls and then get back in time to make a cup of tea. I now have to face up to the reality of another day of mind numbing tedium that I used to call a career. The one saving joy is I get to ride my motorcycle through the countryside on my way to the gulag!

At Wentworth the Rooks are busy repairing their winter ravaged nests from last year. The Pheasants have returned to the fields and their suicidal attraction to the local roads. A few more Lapwings have returned and can be seen doing a bit of that curious Lapwing display flying. The blackbirds have taken to collecting nesting materials.

Spring it would seem has finally arrived.

I also watched as a small group of Black Headed gulls succeeded in driving off a Grey Heron from the local lake. We encourage the Black headed Gulls to nest on the islands as they do not predate other chicks. But they will not allow any other predator such as Magpie, Crow or other Corvids to come anywhere near their nests.

The birds have had a bad time of it over the long, cold, icy winter, we have been doing our bit by feeding them fat soaked bread, mixed seed, apple and their favourite menu item - meal worms.

Our old friends the frogs and toads that breed every year in the back garden pond have put in an apperance.  As well as the first newt of the year found on the front drive.

Maybe spring has sprung?


I have just posted off the deposit on the new (well new to us) boat. I am ready for getting in some serious canal time. The Memsahib is also hoping to be joining me both on the canal and as a drain on the country. Yes we are about to become a fully fledged pensioner. I must remember to get a bus pass!

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