Friday, 19 March 2010

Irish Inland Waterways.

As is my want - I have spent some time looking at other waterways. My reason for this is that maybe sometime in the future we might want to do a boat based holiday exchange. Just for a few weeks with a boat owner from somewhere else in Europe or maybe even further afield.

As I  perused through various places I found a link to the Inland Waterways Association of Ireland website. The IWAI website is full of very useful information for anyone thinking of hiring a boat in Ireland. Including many back copies of their publications all available for download as PDF files. The Irish waterways system seems to be very spectacular and is one that we would certainly want to visit.

Where to buy Diesel
Diesel - Click the link above to get a list of outlets that will or will not sell diesel to boaters on their own declaration. Where it has been reported, those marked 'Yes' will accept a boaters declaration on the amount of diesel used for propulsion. Those that will only sell at a fixed rate of 60/40% are marked 'No'.  The above is provided by Sue & Vic on their narrow boat blog "No Problem".

A friend at work has brought me a dual signed copy of "The Complete Guide to the Sheffield and South Yorkshire Navigation" By Christine Richardson and John Lower. It is an edition published in 1995, thumbing through the book I can see in the photographs some things that I know have significantly changed. So, where we think change takes place very slowly on the cut - in reality - it depends on your interpretation of slow.


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