Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Victoria Quays canal festival.

I went along the canal to the festival at Victoria Quays in Sheffield on Sunday. There seemed to be a very good crowd in attendance. However, I chose not to take Rosie up the canal. I chose instead to enjoy a good hours walk along the towpath from the mooring.  With Mags, two dogs Poppy and Bonnie, as well as John and Tracy and their dog Holly.

There are a set of  (BW?) marina style moorings with jetties just behind the Don Valley Stadium. However, they seem to be totally unused with little sign of any activity. There is a good crop of weed growing in the area. Could make for an interesting stop over free mooring point if attending any of the Sheffield Don Valley Stadium events. However, we were on the towpath side which is the wrong side of the canal to get the best view.

When we arrived at Jonathan Wilson Boat Builders, there was a new boat that had been slipped into the water recently. It came complete with a full set of scratches along half its length. However, as there were several different colours of paint it was obviously not just a single instance of a coming together. If that had been my boat, I would have been seriously pissed off to say the least.

I have no idea who might have caused the damage, however there are few if any hire boats in this section of the canal. So one can only assume that the deed was done by owner drivers! For me, the bit that sticks in my craw  it that damage created by unskilled hands on the tiller, is seen elsewhere by some boat hire businesses as being "perfectly acceptable".  However, I don't accept the notion that it is acceptable for their clients to damage someone's boat in the perpetuated hogwash that there is some unwritten "rule" about narrow-boating being a "contact sport". I have insured the boat this year with the mafia,  so I give fair warning - if you hit me - they will hit you.

Me and John and the three dogs had a brisk walk back to our mooring and we arrived just in time to watch the Formula One British Grand Prix. John however, preferred to watch the annual onion sellers push bike race around France on Channel four. C'est la vie each to their own.

There was must laughter later in the marina when Holly the dog was fitted with her doggles ready to ride home with John and Tracy on their 650cc Suzuki Burgman scooter!


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