Monday 14 August 2017

Summer Cruise 2017 Report ❷⓿

Summer Cruise 2017 Report

Our short but sweet summer cruise to Liverpool proved to be quite entertaining in more ways than one. It was our first organised trip which made a significant change to our usual canal and river cruising style. 

Working a group of boats through locks rather than just our own was one major  change. Normally if bad weather comes about, we usually moor up and sit it out. Whereas in a group and working to a schedule meant at times boating into the rain.

Would we do it again - yes, but with a couple of changes. Not working to a schedule other than a point of arrival time and date would be one. Departing earlier to have more time to enjoy the journey and no fixed arrival back time. The real enjoyment came from the leisure time barbecues when sharing food drink and the usual conviviality.

Cruise Total:
319.2  Miles:
152     Locks:
40       Swing / Lift Bridges:
22       Tunnels: 
145.2  Engine Hours

Elapsed Days:
24    Days Total:
19     Moving Days: 
16.8 Average Miles Per Day:
2.1   Miles Per Lock:

Accumulated Total:
Miles: 3019 .5
Locks: 1888
Swing / Lift Bridges: 402
Tunnels: 82
Pump Outs: 28
Engine Hours: 3955.9


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