Tuesday 7 June 2016

French Letter (27)

A Road Less Travelled
'A French Letter'

7th of June 2016

Grez Neuville.

This is a fantastic and beautiful location on the river Mayenne – Located some 20 miles from its confluence with the River Loire. With a large old water powered mill as well as a flood lock between the river and the canal.

At the lock there is equipment such as a keb available. There are flower beds and boxes everywhere. The general state of the lock equipment is well kept and in good order. The lock side houses are kept in good order. The lock keepers house is one of the larger ones at Grez Neuvillle. The property is being shared as a restaurant as well as a lock keepers abode.

There was a 'fairground' being set up and the 'Aires' is being press ganged into use for storing fairground vehicles for a few days.   Also the weather has closed in a bit and so we have decided to move on again tomorrow.

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