Monday 6 June 2016

French Letter (26)

A Road Less Travelled
'A French Letter'

6th June 2016

Grez Neuville

I must admit that its hard not to draw a comparison of the canals and rivers in France and the UK. A few days ago while walking over the bridge into Grez Neuville to visit the Boulanger (bread shop). We saw some rubbish piled up near a full skip. (the dustbin men are on strike) Its unusual to see dumped rubbish or litter in the towns and villages.

It was then that we realised - there was a distinct lack of litter floating in the canals or scattered on the towpath. But it does not end there, Its the same with the lack of graffiti on bridges and other structures. However, we did notice that noticeboards are conveniently provided for 'Bill Stickers' to use. 

While walking the towpath, we saw a little old lady come out of her house on the waterside. Change the 'dog poo bin liner' for a new one, dump the old one in a nearby skip before returning back indoors. That's another thing - its also very noticeable there is no dog shit on the towpaths either.

We stopped overnight again at Grez Neuville

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