Saturday 3 October 2015

Its been a year.

It's almost a year since we lost our old dog. If you are not a dog person you will not understand. If you are a dog person you will know of the joys of having a loyal friend who is just happy to be with you.  Not a day goes by without some comment or reference to Abbey being made, she had that sort of impression upon us.

Abbey who was deaf and at best only partially sighted had an undiminished sense of smell, she could detect a chocolate being unwrapped at fifty paces. The skills in her nose was allied with an indomitable spirit. She had been ill a month previously and we moored our boat as close to the vet as we possibly could. 

However, with the same dogged and indomitable spirit, she recovered well, but being an old dog, illness had taken its toll. She continued to enjoy more good walks where we would leave her to follow her nose and like dutiful staff we would just follow on behind her. If she got tired I would gently carry her back home across my shoulders.  Which she quite enjoyed, she also enjoyed the odd trip out sitting inside the two wheeled shopping trolley!

However, a short while later she suddenly appeared to be unwell again and gave the impression of being quite frail. So another trip to the Vets who once again provided sterling service. In a consultation and various test that took about half an hour to conduct. It was thought that she had suffered a stroke. Medication and advice was given to us and for a couple of days she seemed to gradually improve again and appeared as stalwart as ever. She would only pee and poo outside, even when we had to help her to her to get to her feet.

I want to put on record the wonderful service and treatment provided by Glenthorne vets located in Burton upon Trent and Uttoxeter.

As was her habit she waited a month until another Sunday morning arrived. This time she had gone down hill once again. We were soon on our way to Glenthorne but this time in Uttoxeter. It was a heartbreaking moment for us, but it was the last kindness that we could do for our old companion. Abbey was put to sleep and we held her for our final moments together. We asked for her remains to be cremated and her ashes to be put in a casket so that she can continue her travels with us on the boat. Which she does from a position next to the boat stove, which was her favourite spot whether the fire was lit or not.

On our way back to the boat with our hearts full of sadness we saw the most amazing deep crimson sunset. There is an old story about the rainbow bridge and our pets waiting at the other side for us to arrive. I don't know that I believe in such stories. But I do know that Abbey left in a blaze of glory and left an Abbey sized hole in our hearts.

You can read a bit more about her Here.

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