Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Welcome to cloud cuckoo land (2)

The Waterways Partnerships are a disaster in the making as is the recruitment of funding friends. Not content with that but the Trust has also and rather typically been hanging onto the coat tails of the co-op bank and its publicity disastrous chairman. If the inland waterways are going to attract external funding from wherever that source might be. CaRT needs to show that it is a professional organisation. An organisation with a genuine corporate image. If your business behaves unethically, your customers, clients, and business partners will take note and treat your accordingly. The co-op is a case in question where some of the taint will have spread.

Success should not be measured in £ coins in the begging bowl but by the overall health and long term viability of the business.  CaRT has also got to make up its mind whether all boaters are going to be part of the solution or if it is to continue to pursue the old and vulnerable boater as being the problem. I believe such issues are apparently being used as a tactic to deflect attention away from the huge funding gap. Then yet another mission has failed.

There are many issues where poor management and a lack of judgement have lost and us (the boaters and the paying public) and the Trust millions of pounds. Knostrop Wharf is a typical example. The ill conceived waterways partnerships that are also providing nothing tangible. Apart from a further layer of disjointed 'loony tunes' management and a further drain on the ever dwindling financial resources. In a sort of Midas curse - everything the trust touches turns to 'merde.' 

Then there were vague promises made about CaRT embracing an ethos of honesty, openness and transparency. But still the problems and issues continued to manifest themselves. Now suppressed revelations from a Section 8 court case. Appear to give some credence that it would be unlawful for the Trust to set a minimum distance that continuous cruisers must travel to comply with the law. But where was this much vaunted promise of openness and transparency when the judgement was passed down?

The senior officers and trustees within CaRT knew about this judgement for over a year. But chose to keep it a closed secret! Despite the knowledge of this judgement CaRT have also held meetings with various boating organisations. Which begs the question why was the information not shared with various boating organisations. Imagine how those association representatives will be feeling now. Certainly disenfranchised, certainly undermined and certainly being manipulated.

Charitable Trust?  Don't make me laugh!

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