Tuesday 30 April 2013

Another tax dodger

In another of what seem to be a regular "tax dodging" way of life for certain businesses in the UK. The latest to be spotted is Npower, one of the big power providers that have over recent times been raising the costs of power provision to you the tax payer. Npower have been rumbled! 

Over the past few days a top tax expert has been investigating their accounts. The investigation reveals the likely explanation for why Npower aren't paying any corporation tax - and surprise surprise, it’s not something you’ll see mentioned in any of their publicity. It seems they’re funneling profits made in the UK through a shell company in Malta. 

Why, you ask? Well, it looks like it helped them dodge a whopping £60 million in tax over the last four years! Other tax dodging companies have backed down under the glare of publicity. Today’s newspaper coverage is a great start. Can you add to the pressure by helping prove to Npower that the public expect them to pay their fair share of tax?

Let’s make the petition huge. Please Sign Here


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