Saturday, 19 January 2013

You're Leaving

It is always hard to say goodbye to a much loved friend or colleague. But a nice leaving card and a poem carved into a lock gate could help to make it easier. A poem I think is always a nice way to be able to express one's deep felt feelings. They can have a happy or sad theme - this one is with a happy theme.

All around its coming to a sticky end;
its been a good run for me and my friends;
once I sat on my throne like Pharaoh king Tut;
but now with boaters all wanting to get shut;
bon voyage I'm off  no more to pretend. 

Four million I've salted away in the bank;
was I worth it well speaking quite frank;
with no inkling of the much needed work;
responsibilities I buried, hid and shirk;
no wonder the canal business just sank.

Off to oblivion both me and the business;
for ten years each day was just like Christmas;
now there is a rush for the revolving door;
not just me there's also one or two more;
it's all gone tits up everyone is a witness.

He can't hang around and just wait to retire;
the water is hot with boaters stoking the fire;
I want to invest in a empty canalside pub;
I've proved in the past I'm stupid enough;
the future for everyone could be quite dire.

There is a taxi waiting with room for just the one;
a sense of relief now we know you're gone;
no postcards please as we don't really care;
the pension pot you have more than your share;
the very best of your worst is finally done!

Like Elvis the bird has now flown and gone;
of his achievements they amounted to none;
on reflection at the end of his tenure;
his employ proved a very risky venture;
common sense has finally won.

Why do they refer to him as acorn dick;
that connection for me did not click;
or is it as everyone well knows; 
great oaks from acorns will grows;
or am I just being quite thick.


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