Thursday 1 November 2012

CARToon November

It's November 2012 and bonfire night is near! We would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a very enjoyable and safe bonfire party. The Blog Meister is making a small change to the format of the old Caption Competition. Including a link to the current competition which will be available at all times on the sidebar. The caption competition is intended for you to be able to display your prowess at providing a pithy and witty caption. One that has a watery theme to it. 

The guest judge chosen for this November's CARToon Caption Competition is the finest man to ever enter parliament, Guido Fawkes. Guido is awarded the posthumous RoA prize for their services to Party Politics.

Go on - guess which hand!

There is no pecuniary prize on offer as the Blog Meister is:  
i)    A cheapskate. 
ii)   A tight fisted old curmudgeon. 
iii)  Not on the CART management payroll. 
iiii) Not amongst the CART pensioned retired.

However, you will reluctantly get a mention in the captains blog. You can submit your entry on the back of a ten pound note, two five pound notes or by using the comments feature below. 

My Indecision Is Final.

The October Caption competition was won by G&F with "Now you tell me MacMuffins give you wind!"


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  1. In a recent interview with Mr Fawkes, he announced, Quote: "More people should try rowing up the creek without a paddle like me. I've already got one follower called Robbing Evans. He follows me most days of the working week between the hours of 9am - 5pm. His days away from the creek & the paddle are replaced by a golf course & a golf club."


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