Tuesday 24 November 2015

Come in Tim - your time is up!

Have you ever turned up a web page by accident and found something that grabs your attention. I was looking for some information about an old school friend, I had lost touch with called Tim who moved away to live in France some years ago. He bought an old farmhouse to create a camp site. As we will be travelling south in the mobile home to Spain for the winter. I thought I might look him up. 

Google in its wisdom served me a page on the speaking clock - you may remember the speaking clock was often called TIM as a way to remember the number to dial, from the days when telephone handsets had letters as well as numbers. Anyway, I got sidetracked and apparently the speaking clock was invented by the French. There was a great deal of information on various speaking clocks from around the world. A throw away line in the inventors biography said the inventor had died as a result of suffering three successive strokes. 

I had this thought running around in my head with Hannah Gordon's voice saying 'At the third stroke you time will be up, precisely. Pip, Pip, Pip, aghaaaaah'

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