Sunday 27 May 2012

On Your Bike!

Swarms of cyclists could make the Regent’s Canal towpath unusable for pedestrians, a Parliamentary Committee was told on Wednesday. Islington Council Leader Catherine West was speaking to an influential committee of MPs in her role as head of transport for all the London boroughs.

Londoners are being urged to cycle and walk to work during the games to make room for an estimated 20 million extra visitors to the capital over the 17-day period of the Olympics.

Ian Shacklock, chairman of the Friends of Regent’s Canal, added his voice to the concerns. “I’ve been predicting this for the Regent’s Canal. It will be an accident waiting to happen. There’s enough conflict now at peak times. But if a visiting ambassador or VIP is thrown into the canal it would make international headlines. I hope they will have more marshals because TfL have been publicising the canal as an alternative route to the games."

Welcome to the raceway that BW have encouraged our towpaths to become. Some sections of the towpaths in our area look more like the Olympic Velodrome on weekends. Especially when combined with good weather.
I don't mind cyclists, Even when they ride on the pavements which was a no-no in my day. However now many seem to want to traverse our towpaths at high speed. In their Hi-vis Lycra they come into conflict so quickly. I wonder if and when people start to get injured and our society of litigant "no win no fee" and "where there's a blame theirs a claim"  start to target CaRT if we will see a change a change back to the foot path being for people on foot?. 


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