Saturday 26 May 2012

Man reported covered in blood staggering near canal

Police and paramedics were called out to reports of a man covered in blood and staggering close to a canal. Police officers and ambulance crews rushed to the Aire and Calder canal near Stanley Ferry in Wakefield, West Yorks. However, the found the reportedly injured man was in fact an actor.

Police were responding to a call from a member of the public about an incident close to the canal at around 7.45pm. Officers from Normanton attended the canal between Stanley Ferry and Eastmoor in company with ambulance to reports of a male covered in blood staggering around.

Film makers were filming a Zombie movie with some very realistic make-up on show. The incident happened as around 30 actors and extras were made up as zombies on the last day of a five-day shoot. The zombies were walking across a bridge over the canal. The zombies do look good. They are very old school. They are rotting, covered in bites, blood and mud and do look scary.

PC Tim Saxon said: "We got called to a report of a male covered in blood staggering around. We had to investigate what it was and take it on its own merit as it could have been anything. We were worried about finding the person as quickly as possible while looking after our own safety. We had to walk through fields and didn't know what it was we would find. Then suddenly we saw nine zombies and a film crew and they had some very realistic make-up."


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